We design & develop digital products: virtual reality, mobile and web applications

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Nukomeet is a premium software development studio from Paris
that creates virtual reality, mobile and web applications.

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You can trust our expertise

As professionals we have over 8 years of experience in making software. We have been working together for 4 years, serving clients across continents and many industries. No matter whether you’re big or small, startup or well-established enterprise, we will devote all our energy to deliver products of exceptional quality.

State-of-the-art solutions

We excel in designing and developing beautiful and innovative apps. Our developers can create web apps with proven and modern technologies like Ruby on Rails, Clojure and React. With hybrid mobile development we can deploy mobile app to many operating systems.

  • Clojure by Nukomeet
  • Flutter by Nukomeet
  • Ruby by Nukomeet
  • Angluar by Nukomeet
  • Rails by Nukomeet
  • React by Nukomeet
  • Python by Nukomeet
  • Node.js by Nukomeet


We have worked for more than 50 European and US based organizations.
We designed, built and operate web and mobile apps that scale to millions of users.


Product delivery tracking application with usage of RFID

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Search interface for art developed for collections of French public museums

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RMN Grand Palais

A web application that helps discover the contemporary collections of French public museums

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Bloom Social Analytics

A platform for analyzing opinions and influences by data visualization

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Product website and application frontend

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Crowd collaboration platform for social enterpreneurs

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A web application that simplifies quote creation for civil engineering sector of Freyssinet

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A desktop and tablet application for Socotec's sales team

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Benefits For You

Ordering and managing credit cards for employee benefits

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Les Mousquetaires

Ideas sharing platform for 140000 employees


Contest webpage with interactive gallery

GDF Suez

Application for training GDF Suez Management

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Je Rêve d'une Maison

Real estate platform with unique approach for real estate rearch and discovery

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Continuous Deployment Cloud Hosting PaaS

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High performance backend architecture.

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