Come to Poznań and learn Clojure

Free workshop  ·  23 February 2014  ·  Coworking ZOO

The Workshop

Clojure is a modern programming language which is an extremely effective for building scalable software. The language is a perfect choice in the enterprise environment. It’s built on top of Java Virtual Machine.

During two day course we will present the basics concepts and techniques of the language; it will be oriented towards programmers new to functional programming. We will be using LightTable, a brand new, general purpose IDE that gives coding superpowers to everyone .

Limited seats availability so don't hesitate and fill in form below.


The Mentor

Zaiste is founder of Nukomeet. He is developer with 10+ years of experience in creating webapps for companies around the world. He started RuPy and PolyConf Conferences that promote polyglot approach to software development.

Where & When

Where: Coworking ZOO, Zwierzyniecka 20

When: February 23th 2014

Internship Opportunity

After the workshop you can be offered a two-month paid internship. We are proud of hiring best people that like marvelous code and tend to use latest, à la mode, technologies. We apply a polyglot approach to software development.

Build awesome apps with our experienced international team
Become early adopter of the most interesting technologies.
Work flexible hours from house, in our office or just go nomad.
Take an active part in the programmer's community.

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